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Deodorants or antiperspirants

In general, deodorizers contain compounds of aromatic oils, essential oils, and alcohol, which, together with antibacterial compounds, prevent bad odor in the body and create a good smell, but antiperspirants, in addition to containing deodorizer compounds, use aluminum , they prevent the body from sweating and in normal condition, they reduce about 20 to 30% of body sweat. In fact, the job of deodorants is to make you smell good, and instead of antiperspirants, by controlling the amount of sweat, they prevent bad odor in your body. That is, every antiperspirant is a deodorant, but every deodorant is not necessarily antiperspirant.

Body spray

These types of deodorants are sprayed on the body in limited spots and give your body a good smell. Body sprays are made based on the essence of eau de toilette, and the companies that produce these deodorants have made their body sprays from many famous eau de toilettes.

Body Splash

Body splashes, which are very close to body sprays, differ from body sprays due to the way they are spread on the body and the amount of essential oil used in their formula. Body splashes, with each puff, spread a greater amount of perfume in a wider area of the body and their smell is one level more concentrated than body sprays. Body Splash comes in different forms, such as shiny (shiny), two-phase (with fragrant oils) and simple.

Lotions and scented oils

If you have dry skin, you must have experienced that the smell of perfumes and essences last less on your skin. Your solution is to use deodorizing oils and lotions. This group of deodorants, in addition to greasing and hydrating your skin, also give your body a very pleasant scent. Don't worry if you have oily skin. Water-based lotions, that is, lotions that are made on the basis of water and do not contain fat, will be a suitable option for hydrating and deodorizing your body.

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