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Everything about car wax

The reasons for using car wax, types of wax and the right way to wax the car body

Types of car wax
Liquid wax: Liquid wax is the easiest type of wax to polish the car body, but it is less durable than soft and hard waxes. Because of this short shelf life, liquid wax is used after every time the car is washed with detergent. .
Soft wax: Many people use soft wax for ease of use and adequate coverage. The shelf life of these types of waxes is longer than the liquid type.
Hard wax: This type of wax has more effect and durability than other types, that’s why it is used more often. Hard wax can be used once every six months. When using, waxing procedures must be followed correctly.
When is the right time to use car wax?

In answer to this question, we must say that wax is the last thing that should be used, after the car is washed well and you are sure that there is no dust, insects and other pollutants on the car body, start waxing.


Painting is a way to properly maintain the car body against factors and factors that willy-nilly affect the car body and lead to erosion over time. Is it necessary to wax the car? How to wax the car? how often? How? when?

Why should the car body be waxed?

The main purpose of waxing is to protect the car body. With wax, a layer is placed between the surface of the car body and the outside environment, so the direct contact of dirty particles in the air, dust, ultraviolet rays of the sun and moisture with the paint and body of the car will be minimized. Water and moisture, even rainwater, contain pollutants that penetrate the body paint and gradually destroy it. The best way to make sure that water does not damage the body is to use waxes that make the car body hydrocarbon or waterproof. You will understand this issue better by looking at the video below, the left side is waxed and repels water quickly, while the water on the right side, which is free of wax, remains for a long time.

The waxed car will no longer have a place for soot, insects and air pollution, so there is no need for constant and basic car washing. If you look carefully at the figure below, the orange layer is the same wax that fills the holes caused by scratches and other body defects and creates a smooth surface on the car, which makes the car look shiny and beautiful. to be You will definitely have a shiny and stylish car by waxing.

How often is car waxing necessary?

The answer to this question will be different depending on how much you use the car and traffic areas, but in general it is recommended four times a year (once in three months) and on the other hand, it is not recommended to use it more than once a month. Car wax may wear off the body paint. You can wax your car at the beginning of every season, especially if you live in places where there is a lot of snow and rain or strong sunlight.