Founder of Setarehwax

Hassan Hossein Nejad Abdi

This production company was founded as a small production unit by the great grandfather of the family, then the work was continued by his son and currently the work is being managed as a company and 3 generations of this family are working in this matter. .

About us

Setarehwx was born

The scope of production of this unit in the first stage was limited to the production of a type of wax with very simple materials only as a leather coating. In the next step, the type of material used is chosen in such a way that, in addition to increasing the coverage, it includes the shine and softness of the leather.
With the change in the use of leather products and the demand for the easy use of leather coverings, studies were carried out on all types of coverings in aqueous and organic environments with very detailed planning, which led to the production of liquid wax, gloss, color change, Paste and all kinds of leather covering raw materials are made into leather during processing.


year of record

About a century ago we started


Engineer, employee and worker

They are working from the laboratory to the production line


product type

It is only a part of the services we provide for you


Generation from a family

Hand in hand, they try to provide the best for you.

Quality never goes out of fashion. So 100 years old indicates this fact of star wax.

Mehdi Hosseinnejad Abdi

About us

Our development has begun

In the following years, by opening side parts of can production, it has tried to provide side needs in the form of production support. This production unit, with the direction of producing its own metal cans, has established an independent unit in the form of mold design and mold manufacturing.
By opening a turning unit, it has been able to completely meet its needs in the field of making any iron mold and by developing the pressing department and its accessories, it can meet all its needs. Also, by designing and manufacturing devices related to wax production in the turning and molding unit, it has been able to meet its needs in a self-sufficient manner.
Considering the importance of the activities and the need for coordination in the works, this production unit organized its activities as a special joint stock company in 1370.
Considering the importance of the activities and the need for coordination in the works, this production unit has organized its activities in the form of a special joint stock company in order to be able to step firmly in terms of replacing the law in the field of evaluating its activities and strengthening its record. take away

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In the name of God, who is the head of all our affairs
About us

We have multiplied the variety of products

This production unit, due to its dependence on leather industries, produces various products such as clothes. Bag. Shoes and all kinds of office equipment, etc., has set its policy in line with the side products of this industry.
Improving products by using better materials and choosing more appropriate formulations, collecting and paying attention to consumer opinions to coordinate production with consumption, collecting similar foreign products to obtain superior quality, correspondence and coordination with the country's scientific departments to raise the level of practical information. It is part of the company's general policies. The goals that the company has set in its work plan can be mentioned as research in the field of adhesive production of various types of rubber and resin, processing and refining of petroleum materials (paraffin and manufacturing of various paints).

Why do you choose us?

Because by gathering a group of experts and engineers, we have been trying to design and adapt our products for our dear compatriots in order to prevent the wastage of capital and their comfort, thus making us all our quality products. You can see it in all stores in the country.