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Setareh Wax

For 80 years, we served the cleanliness and beauty of your leather products

Variety of leather health products
Only SetarehWax

All types of leather and nubuck waxes and color change and paste are the result of the research and efforts of Setarehwax company engineers who are at your service dear compatriots and constant companions of our products.


With the latest production equipment
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We offer you the following products with the best materials and the best production line


Tire Spray

Setareh tire wax and polish spray with a very long shelf life


Wash injector

Setareh injector wash, with a unique formula

Get to know the latest and best-selling products

Tire spray, lubricant spray, injector wash, dashboard spray, tire foam, multi-purpose foam, instant car body wax from the latest series of Setarehwax products are at your service.

Setarehwax polishing and cleaning products

It is very important to pay attention to the cleanliness and protection of the surfaces inside the car. In this category, a variety of waxes and cleaning sprays are provided for a more comfortable and professional cleaning of the dashboard and interior surfaces of the car, which often have cleaning, polishing and protective functions, so that in addition to cleaning every The type of contamination from the surface of the dashboard and other leather and plastic surfaces also give them a shiny and shiny appearance.

All kinds of handkerchiefs
car cleaning

Suitable for cleaning glass, household appliances and cars without leaving stains, lint, water marks and scratches without the need to use chemical cleaning agents, long life, high ability to absorb pollution and not transfer it from one point to another.