New brand Nano Wash
with the latest formulation

Serving the beauty and health of your car parts

Car glass and mirror cleaner

Polishing and protecting all types of tires

Ring tire cleaner and protector

Instant body wax

Engine exterior surface cleaner

Cleaner for leather and fabric surfaces


The attention of reputable car washes in the country

The car wash machine is designed and produced for mechanized washing of the car surface. Using smart control systems and high-quality modern equipment, this car washing machine is able to wash and dry the vehicle without damaging it.

The car wash is specially designed to remove dirt from the surface of passenger cars and can also wash the wheels and the underside of the car. The dimensions of these devices are in proportion to the dimensions of personal vehicles, so that they are also applicable for SUVs and vans.

To achieve the maximum satisfaction of your customers, you can use Nano Wash brand products of SetarehWax company, which are also available in gallons.


Car wash shampoo

20 liter gallon


Cloth and leather surface cleaner

20 liter gallon


Polishing and protecting all types of tires

20 liter gallon


Ring tire cleaner and protector

20 liter gallon

Double Beauty

Washing the car with the help of an automatic car wash significantly reduces the amount of water and detergent consumption, in addition, the possibility of connecting to water purification systems can lead to the use of purified water for washing operations. In addition, the possibility of damage to the body and paint of the car is reduced due to the washing operation being carried out in a completely specialized manner.

Reduce costs
Water consumption 95%
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Nano Wash Blue

A quality brand from Tabriz SetarehWax Industries