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Five Purpose Spray

Proper care and maintenance is an important process to increase the life of the car.
The cleanliness of the exterior and interior of the car makes it beautiful and comfortable and brings peace to the occupants of the car.

Injector cleaning spray

Injector cleaning spray is one of the most suitable cleaning materials to remove dirt and deposits quickly and easily in the car injector system.

This part of the car engine gets polluted over time and if it is not cleaned, the combustion in it and other parts of the car fuel system, will not be done completely and it will reduce the power and acceleration of the car.


One of the types of leather processing, which is very popular in the production of leather products, is suede and nubuck.Nubuck spray protects velvet and nubuck shoes by creating a coating against moisture and pollution. This spray contains fine grains that soften and polish the nubuck leather by creating an invisible layer without reducing the breathability of the leather.

Setarehwax Dashboard polisher

The cleanliness and glossiness of the car dashboard is important because it is constantly exposed.
Using a dashboard polisher is a good way to make the dashboard and plastic parts inside the car clean and shiny.

Setarehwax dashboard polishing sponge

The interior surfaces of the car, including the dashboard, may be exposed to direct sunlight during the day or absorb a lot of pollution, which puts them at risk of decay and damage.

Setarehwax lubricant spray

One of the common problems in the maintenance and repair of mechanical parts and industrial devices is the failure to open the screws and connections in them due to rust and erosion.