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This Productive company as a small producer unit was established by great grand father and the his son continued the company administration. and now 3 generation of family are working at the manufacturer. 

At first, the factory was limiting its product range just to producing a kind of shoe-polish with simple materials as leather covered. At the next step, the used materials have been chosen so that in addition to covering aspect, it was contained leather shining and softness. With changing in using leathery products and demand for simple usage of leather covered, some careful studied programming was done on cover’s varieties in wet and oily environments. witch have resulted in producing different kinds of liquid shoe-polish, shiner, color change, pasty and also some varieties of primary materials for leather covered in curriery.
On the coming years, the factory has attempted to obtain its needs as a product bullion by setting up the can product unit. This productive unit, with orientation for producing metal cans, has taken the action to mould by laying the foundation of a separate unit in the form of mound designing. The company could have eliminated its requirements in the field of metal can by establishing turners unit. Also the company could have solved independently its problems and needs by designing and making shoe-polish producer machine in the turners and molding unit.
Regarding the activities importance and need to coordinate the manufacture, unit works, the company has organized its activity as a company with private shares from(…….) in order to pace firmly with observing legal aspect in the field of its activities assessment and strengthening precedents.
The unit has relates and dependencies with Currier products and related industry such as leathery cloth, bag, shoe and etc. For this purpose, the company has scheduled its policy in direction of secondary products of curriery industry. Promoting product quality by using better materials and choosing suitable formulation and paying attention to consumer’s views and opinions in order to coordinate products for obtaining the high quality, coordination with country scientific centers for raising company applicable knowledge level, that are all the company general policies.
The company has scheduled some purposes and it has tried to achieve these targets, that are: variety kind of lastic glue, resin, and oil products refining (paraffin and colors).

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Because that by gathering a group of skilled engineers and specialists of late we’ve tried to open that their products are compatible and designed for compatriots to invest and their headers went to avoid welfare and thus we make all our quality products in all stores in the country.

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